Some BE-2 Background Part 1/2

The original BE prototype made its first flight at Farnborough on
1st January 1912. It was certified by the Army Aircraft Factory on 14th March,
becoming the first aeroplane in the World to be issued with an airworthiness certificate.

The first aeroplane, BE-1, was originally powered by a watercooled Wolseley engine
(with the radiator mounted in the pilot’s line of vision!). The BE-2 was powered by a
70-horsepower, aircooled Renault V-8, which was further adapted to become the RAF V-8.

After the First World War a large number of surplus V-8 engines were converted into
four-cylinder units for light aircraft use. The popular Blackburn Cirrus and
DH Gipsy engines of the 1930s share these common routes.

The ‘Biggles Biplane’ replica will turn the clock full circle, by being powered by a
DH Gipsy Major unit, offering modern (50 year-old) technology and reliability!

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