Useful Links

Thankyou so much to the many who have offered us information, advice and assistance with Biggles’ Biplane and BE-2 history. A few of the links we have found useful are shown below: -What one of us does for a living. All profits (seemingly) go to the project! - Our home aerodrome, one of the most dynamic grass airfields in the UK -Many of our best buddies subscribe to this forum, full of aviation related banter & photos - Another excellent aviation forum, hosted by the publishers of Flypast magazine - An American-based forum, specialising in WW1 aviation - A great resource for fans and historians of Biggles' creator - An excellent resource for military historians, run by the Australian War Memorial - Imagine a genuine 1918 RFC aerodrome, left untouched since the Armistice. Uncovered (literally) at the start of 2009 and now being restored as a working museum and airfield, it represents a unique historic time capsule

Not exactly the BE-2, more its arch rival, for more information on Paul Ford's spectacular Fokker DR-1 Triplane replica G-FOKK (a guaranteed airshow head-turner) check out:

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