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Photos previously unseen for 70 years Can you add to their story?

In NEW ZEALAND, Mike Fleming enjoys his summer flying with ZK-CLL. (Note that as it is unlikely a Luton Minor can escape New Zealand to the next nearest country, there is no requirement to show the national code letters on the registration!)

Original Luton Minor Building Instructions Republished!

The irrepresible Arthur Ord-Hume has done it! The man who sparked the post-war British home-built aircraft movement with Luton Minor G-AFIR, has republished a facsimile of the original building instructions, serialised before and after the war by Practical Mechanics magazine.

Nearly a Luton, how does 'FRED' compare?


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WELCOME to the Luton Minor website. For those who never seen one of the wee beasties before, it's a single-seat, wood and fabric, 'parasol-wing' monoplane, originally designed in the 1930s, but which in postwar Britain formed the basis of the homebuilt and ultralight aircraft movement. . . . .

. . . . and it still offers some of the best low-cost, fun flying today!

Why fly a Luton Minor? Well quite simply its one of the most economical ways of enjoying the authentic open-cockpit vintage flying experience. The Luton certainly teaches you the handling skills of classic pre-war aeroplanes, from prop-swinging to chocks-away, not to mention using the rudder bars as more than foot-rests!

Popular Mechanics 1935 __ 1959 Practical Mechanics

In 1936, the Luton Aircraft Company was established at Barton le Clay in Bedfordshire by former RAF engineering instructor Cecil Latimer-Needham.He went on to create the Luton Minor as one of Britain's first homebuilt light aircraft designs, before the Second World War put paid to his plans.

In 1946, the Ultra-Light Aircraft Association was formed. One of its founder members was Arthur Ord-Hume, who in 1949 embarked on a rebuild of one of the original Luton Minors, G-AFIR, later redrawing the plans and publishing building instrutions as a series of installments in Practical Mechanics magazine.

The ULAA in turn, evolved into the Popular Flying Association, then the Light Aircraft Assocation, the LAA, which continues to promote recreational flying, homebuilding & self-maintenance of light aircraft. In fact plans for building the Luton Minor are still available from them!

Arthur Ord-Hume chronicled his exploits with Luton Minors and others in two wonderful books, "On Home-Made Wings" and "Flight on Frail Wings" (or was that Frights on Flailing Wings?) Recommended reading, and you can get them via the author himself simply by clicking on the links above.

If you’re a fan of Luton aeroplanes, this is YOUR site. Please don't hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at the e-mail address below, whenever I'm not aloft!

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