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July 2008

The Amazing.... Disappearing... Luton Major!


You may recollect that back in October 2006 (LatestNews13), that we heard from Andrew Robertson in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was just a few hours into test flying his Luton Major C-FGWG when disaster struck with an engine failure on take-off.

Well lightning can't strike twice, can it..........?

Oh yes it blooming well can! This time it was a totally unrelated carburettor fault (on an expensive, professionally, rebuilt unit) that caused the sudden silence. Just a few hundred feet after takeoff.

With barely seconds to make his decision, Andrew looked as if he had chosen the perfect landing site, smooth prairie grass. Then as the aeroplane touched down - it simply disappeared!

The grass turned out to be four feet high!

The good news, is that Andrew emerged unscathed -and showed superb airmanship in his decision to land straight ahead, rather than risk losing control by attempting to return to the airfield.

The bad news is that poor 'GWG suffered extensive damage to her fuselage and is going to require a lot more work (once again!)

The other good news is that Andrew has pledged to get 'GWG back in the air as soon as possible - ensuring that one of only half a dozen known Luton Majors will get air under its wings once more.

Nice flying Andrew, shame about the long grass!

Now I'd better get out into the garden and mow the lawn!!