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February 2009

A Great Little Aeroplane, Remembered.

In September 2006, Luton Minor G-AYSK was badly damaged at Manchester Barton, after the aircraft departed before the pilot had managed to board(!)

It remains a cautionary reminder to all, that ground handling and in particular, propeller-swinging, have to be properly carried out and there are no short-cuts in proper practices. Sadly it also meant the apparent demise of one of the nicest Luton Minors in the country.

Michael Lobb, a frequent flyer of the aeroplane is determined to keep its memory alive, and has created a website dedicated to G-AYSK and the joys of Luton Minor flying. It is well worth a look, click on the image below, to see more.......

The good news is that one day G-AYSK will fly again. The airframe has been acquired by Steve Rudkin and will form the basis of a full restoration, although it will have to wait its turn behind the 1936 Aeronca that is also 'work in progress'!

In the meantime, click on the image, to follow G-AYSK's story.