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June 2009

Original Building Instructions Republished.

The irrepresible Arthur Ord-Hume has done it! The man who sparked the post-war British home-built aircraft movement with Luton Minor G-AFIR, has republished the original building instructions, serialised both before and after the war by Practical Mechanics magazine.

Having spent the past few evenings poring over the work, it is much more than informative. It is a darned good read!

T . . .

The reprints include the 1939 articles describing the original LA.4 Minor and the 1958 articles, written by Arthur Ord-Hume, describing the building of the later LA4a. As a further bonus, there are the articles which prompted the original home-building craze surrounding the Mignet Flying Flea of 1935.

The book also highlights the enormous part played by F J Camm (brother of Hawker aircraft designer Sidney Camm) in promoting amateur aircraft construction in the UK through the pages of the Newnes Practical Mechanics magazine.

The high-quality softback book is published by Stenlake Publishing, 54-58 Mill Square, Catrine, Ayrshire, KA5 6RD, tel 01290 551122. and retails for £9.95 plus post and packing.

Alternatively, you can contact the author direct at aeromusic @ (Please cut and paste Arthur's address, closing the gaps each side of the @ - we are doing this to prevent inundations of 'spam').

Arthur charges the retail price, plus £2.00 postage and packing - and no doubt would be happy to offer you a personally signed copy too.

Now how many classic Bitish aeroplanes can you think of, when you can receive a copy of the original information, signed by the designer!