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October 2011. Luton Minor WANTED.

Requested received from Chris Burton in Norfolk. Can anyone oblige? Please call Chris on 07707 674 591


June 2010. Red Baron Minor for sale!

You will either love it or hate it, but you certainly can't ignore it. Lycoming 0-145 powered Luton Minor G-ATCN, which was recently rebuilt with a spectacular Red Baron paint scheme, is up for sale. Click Herr...sorry ...here for more details..


Original Building Instructions for the Luton Minor, available once again!

Arthur has done it! The irrepresible Arthur Ord-Hume, the man who in 1947, sparked the post-war British home-built aircraft movement with his redesign and rebuild of Luton Minor G-AFIR, has republished the original building instructions which were serialised by Practical Mechanics magazine.

The reprints include the 1939 articles describing the original LA.4 Minor and the 1958 articles written by Ord-Hume, describing the building of the later LA4a. As a further bonus, there are the articles which prompted the original home-building craze surrounding the Mignet Flying Flea of 1935.

The book highlights the enormous part played by F J Camm (brother of Hawker aircraft designer Sidney Camm) in promoting amateur aircraft construction in the UK through the pages of the Newnes Practical Mechanics magazine.

The high-quality softback book is published by Stenlake Publishing, 54-58 Mill Square, Catrine, Ayrshire, KA5 6RD, tel 01290 551122. www.stenlake.co.uk and retails for £9.95 plus post and packing.

Alternatively, you can contact the author direct at aeromusic @ archive1.demon.co.uk. (Please cut and paste Arthur's address, closing the gaps each side of the @ - we are doing this to prevent inundations of 'spam'). Arthur charges the retail price, plus £2.00 postage and packing - and no doubt would be happy to offer you a personally signed copy too.


July 2008. Rare American r/c flying scale model kit

A note from across the Atlantic, looking for a home for a rare balsa flying model kit of a Luton Minor. Asking price US$20. Plus postage (about $30 to Europe)

Don says: "The classic British Luton Minor kit contains ... printed balsa, rolled plans ...

"OK, the plans are there.  Some of the balsa is there, but I do not have a 'bill-of-materials' for this kit so I cannot attest to its completeness.  Kit was made by Flyline Models, and is "suitable for 1-2 channel radio control with .020 engine." *engine not included.

"I really hate to admit defeat; I purchased this kit (used) with every good intention of building it.  Have not built it, and want it to soar away to someone with the skill, knowledge and fortitude to make it fly.  Bonus points to those who intend to teach a youngster the art and science of model airplane construction!"

Don has subsequently been back in touch "I have attempted to inventory the kit contents. There are approximately 6 blocks of 'stamped' balsa wood, a sheet of plans, and several long, skinny balsa strips. I tried to match the balsa block markings to the print instructions, but was not certain of what (if anything) may be
missing. Nor did I want to mark-up the drawing in order to take an inventory. I can state with certainty that the kit does not contain stickers, wheels or wire/tubing for the landing gear."

Sounds like an interesting project - Any takers? Click here if you want to contact Don by e-mail.

(This prompted a bit of research from me. It seems that Flyline models were based in Fairfax, Georgia and produced a wide range of kits of classic aeroplanes, such as Fairchilds, Stinsons and Monocoupes, but the Luton was one of the few British designs. The company hasn't traded for over a quarter of a century, so this kit is probably one of the last survivors!)


March 2008. Old 1960s transparencies of Luton Minors now on e-bay. Is your aeroplane there?

A collection of old 35mm transparencies including a rare selection of Luton Minors have recently been offered for sale on the e-bay website.

They're owned by a dealer, MILTRANSUK, who will keep them on his e-bay shop as long as anyone is interested. A few samples are shown below, click on the pictures to enlarge or on the link above if you want to buy........


December 2007. HELP!!! Luton Minor Lift Struts - Can anyone help?

A plea for help from Stuart Penfold who is rebuilding G-AWMN after its accident this summer.

Sadly the last few seconds of its last flight badly buckled one of the steel lift struts. Has anyone got a spare strut tucked away?

With quite a few Minors in a non flying state you never know what is available!

If you have, please call Stuart on 01787 476825 or e-mail stuart.penfold1@btinternet.com. Thankyou in advance!!



Another Luton Minor for sale, this time North of the Border, in Sunny Scotland. Owner John Angiolini at Errol in Perthshire tells us that he's acquired a new aeroplane and G-BBCY is simply not getting used. It has flown for only1 hour, since its permit renewal in April! Shame on you John!

Here are the vital statistics: Luton Minor LA4a built 1973. Has a Peacock 1600 VW engine. Current permit till 15/04/08. Has radio (Icom handy), low engine hours, Chris Lodge prop. In great all round condition. Nice easy flying cheap hour builder and economical 10 litres an hour on Mogas. New cowls. All Log books and receipts available all up to date!
Very cheap Hangarage maybe available too subject to negotiation.

£4500 ONO  contact. 07880 742163 or 01236 458738 or email  jmangiolini@msn.com

It looks like a lovely aeroplane. If anyone's interested drop me a line, I'll happily assist with the delivery flight!!


August 2007. Propeller for Sale 

Propellor to fit Lycoming O-145 engine. Once from Luton Minor G-AVDY, mahogany.  It has been gracing a corner of our sitting room since 1981 and we now feel it would be much nicer to see it in the the air for a change! Offers invited!
Please email justjanetgray@yahoo.co.uk or call 01978 233522



Wanted. Luton Minor rebuild project. We would like to restore a Luton Minor, preferably return one of the de-registered, older aircraft back to flying condition.

Are they still out there? Please call Jamie Page. 01380 860057. Thank you.   


December 2006. BRAKES STILL WANTED!!

Wanted: a set of brake shoes, pivots, arm/cam, springs for the 4 1/2 inch bendix brakes as fitted to Minors and pre war Aeroncas  - for an Aeronca 100 restoration. They are identical in design (but smaller) to standard Auster brakes. Miles 01460 281129, milesm@avnet.co.uk