I would like to record my sincere thanks to both Bill Goldfinch and Laurie Mansfield for their kindness in permitting me to fly and to write about their aircraft, and I hope that the result will be useful to anybody wondering whether or not to build. I can assure them that the Luton Minor will give great pleasure to its pilot, and is easy and charming to fly.

I myself would prefer a little more power, perhaps the VW engine, and a place to put maps and papers. I would also like to see some additional safety arrangement to guard against the possibility, however remote, of a breakage or failure of the elevator circuit; either by duplication of controls; or use of a pilot controlled trim tab.

The final thought that comes to me is in relation to the cost and difficulty of hangarage, which affects us all. The Luton Minor, even with the JAP engine, has a good short field performance; I would want mine to have folding wings, so that I could keep it at home and fly it from my friends' fields.

Arthur Orde-Hume has just such a Luton Minor design available, which should make the latest up date of this vintage design as good or better from our point of view than most of the moderns.

What a tribute to the genius of Cecil Latimer-Needham his little Luton Minor is!