This page will describe the various engines fitted, past and present to Luton Minors.  Please help me expand this list if you know of any others which I've omitted!

Has anyone considered (or is planning) to fit a "new generation" Rotax or similar? I would have thought that the power to weight combination would make this an attractive proposition - but are there snags?

Engine Type Horsepower Comments
Scott Squirrel 25 hp  
Anzani 35 hp See website www.mteysx.f9.co.uk/Anzani/History.htm
Aeronca JAP J-99 36 hp G-AFIR, G-AXGR, G-BRWU
Aeronca E.113C 36 hp G-ATWS
Lycoming O-145-A2 55 hp  
Lycoming O-145-B2 55 hp  
Volkswagen 1600cc 45-50hp   
Volkswagen 1800cc 55 hp G-ASEA, G-ASML
Continental A65 65 hp G-AYSK
Ardem Mk6 Standard 34 hp G-BCFY
Bristol Cherub   G-AMAW
Walter Mikron 3 62 hp G-ARXP
RR Continental C90-8F 90 hp G-AYTT Duet