Martin Stoney wrote to say......

Just come across your site and thought I would give you an update on G-AVDY in which I have owned for the 4-5 years. She is currently being repaired after an accident my Father had whilst landing last year which resulted in her nosing over, whilst damage was minimal everything still had to come apart be inspected and repaired where neccessay.

We are now almost at the end of this process and I am very confident she will be back in the air by about april-may next year.
I would just like to let Luton Minor lovers know G-AVDY is still very much alive 'n' loved and will be floating around the sky again real soon.
Attached is picture of DY at cranfield rally of 1998,  She is currently hangered at stapleford in Essex.

Below is a picture of G-AVDY from 1972, when it sported a canopy......