Aircraft Type:        Luton LA.4A Minor           PFA Number:    832

Built:                      1971, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom by Lionel Plant

Currently based:     Barton Aerodrome, Eccles, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Engine:                    Continental A65-8 65 h.p. flat four air-cooled engine.

Propellor:                 Chris Lodge 66 x 49 ins pattern 134

Fuel:                         Avgas 100      capacity 6 Imperial Gallons

Max All Up Weight: 750 lbs or 340 kgs



Vso      Stall (power off):       28 knots

Vx        Best angle of climb:    50 knots

Vy        Best rate of climb:     50 knots

            Approach speed:        50 knots, reducing to 40 knots "over the hedge"

            Normal Cruise:          60-65 knots   (2,100 rpm)

Vno    Maximum Cruise           70 knots   (2,200 rpm)

Vne    Never Exceed Speed:   90 knots


2 hours @ 60 knots cruise no reserve (i.e. 3 Imp Gals per hour)

In practice, 1 hour 40 mins plus 20 mins reserve

Instruments & Controls

Airspeed Indicator                                  Altimeter

Magnetic Compass                                    Turn & Slip Indicator

Oil Temperature Gauge                             Oil Pressure Gauge

Bracket for handheld (ICOM) transceiver - optional

Stick & Rudder (no trim controls apart from static elevator trim tab)

Throttle (no mixture)                                Carburettor Heat

Fuel Primer                                              Heel Brakes (No parking brake)