The Luton LA4a Minor by Air Commodore G.J.C. PAUL

Taken from "Popular Flying", January-February 1976

(With some editorial correction on original typos, etc.)

In the September/October 1975 issue of Popular Flying (PF) there appeared the obituary notice of Cecil Latimer-Needham, written by his former colleague in Phoenix aircraft. Arthur Ord-Hume. In it he mentions the formation in 1935 of the Luton Aircraft Company and the design by Latimer-Needham of the Buzzard, the Luton Minor and the Luton Major. At a time when we are becoming increasingly aware of the costs of amateur flying it is perhaps of special interest that his Luton Minor is being built by enthusiasts today, and as the redesigned LA4a, the work of Arthur Ord-Hume, can hold its own with many more recent designs which have arrived since the first Latimer-Needham LA2 took the air 39 years ago.

In the same issue of PF Mike Vaisey in his Luton Squadron news records a formation by six Minors and the Duet at Sywell. A seventh was prevented from taking part by a fractured tailwheel and in the same issue again, there is news of the newest; G-BBEA by Hewitt and Stocks. The purpose of this article is to provide some general information about the design, and in particular to describe this Writer’s impression on how the Luton Minor performs in the air, with special thought for those who might like to know more about the air handling of the aircraft before they decide whether or not to build.