The Minor



(The First Minor G-AEPD - Photo courtesy Scott Perkins)

The "Minor" Produced

To meet this specification the "Minor" was then produced and illustrations show the long fuselage for giving flight stability, whilst the ample size of all control surfaces, with carefully selected gearing, is also noticeable. 

The first flight proved the correctness of the theories on which the design had been based and not a single modification, has been found necessary for incorporation in the production model. 

The "Minor" is a parasol monoplane, the wing being supported on steel pylons at the fuselage and one pair of steel tubular lift struts run from the fuselage base to the mid semi-span point on each plane. 

The wing is of simple but sturdy construction, immensely strong, and is ply covered at the leading-edge and tips. The wing section was carefully selected for its high aerodynamic characteristics and docile behaviour at the lower speeds of flight. 

The plywood covering maintains the correct shape over the whole span and gives the wing great robustness that is so desirable for handling, storage and transport. 

No rigging adjustments of any kind are necessary with this machine, as once the MINOR is built there is nothing to get out of place.



(scale flying model of first Luton La4 Minor)