More Modern Minors


Minor Coupe
Folding Wings
Minor Duet
LA8 Minor Two


"Modern" is perhaps not the term to use, but in the 1960s and later still, Arthur Ord-Hume produced plans and ideas for improvements to the basic Luton Minor design.  In addition, others produced their own ideas, some of which reached fruition, others which never saw the light of day.  Here are a selection of variations on the basic Luton Minor design.

Arthur Ord-Hume actually has plans for a Minor for the new Millenium, and his personal preference is for the powerplant to be a Jabiru.  If anyone wishes to contact Arthur to discuss ideas for building a new Minor, then please do so via either or via A O-H's publishers, GMS Enterprises.

The original post-war Phoenix Aircraft Company plans for the Luton Minor are also available from the Popular Flying Association. Over thirty aeroplanes were built to these designs, mainly in the 1950s, 60s and 70s with JAP, VW, Lycoming and Continental engines. Sandy Hutton still has the plans wrapped, ready and waiting so drop him a line!

A very useful PFA datasheet for the LA-4a Minor is also available.