Hints & Tips




The Luton Minor in its basic form appears to be a very simple aircraft .... yet it embodies features that require special skills, often acquired more by accident than design.  In many ways it is representative of skills needed to operate aircraft from the pioneering eras of the early 20th century.

This is a collection of "handy hints" and considerations that we'd like to draw your attention to when operating a Minor (or indeed any other slow-speed, low-power, tailwheel aeroplane).

If YOU have any suggestions for additions or enhancements to this section please get in touch....

IMPORTANT CAVEAT:  In NO way are these notes meant to circumvent or supercede any Standard Operating procedures which may be laid down by legislation or by the manufacturer's operating documentation.

They are purely personal opinion and experience-related, and may be subject to debate and discussion.  Use only at your own  personal discretion. 

If in doubt, we advise that you obtain local advice from experienced-on-type pilots and/or engineers, inspectors, ATC or other expert authorities.