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Light Aircraft Association. The rperesentative body in the UK for all builders and operators of 'our' type of aeroplane
Historic Aircraft Association. UK organisation representing pilots of engineers of vintage and historic aircraft. A great place to learn from the experts.
Vintage Aircraft Club. The UK's leading club for owners, pilots and enthusiasts of vintage and classic light aircraft, arranging fly-ins and other events.
Experimental Aircraft Association (USA)
Australian Homebuilders website
Royal Aero Club. The national co-ordinating body for Air Sport in the United Kingdom.

Air Britain. The world's leading organisation for aviation enthusiasts. Formed in 1948 and now with more than 4,000 members around the globe.

Wicko Aircraft. The story of a unique 1930s survivor, restored by Luton Minor owner Captain Joe Dible.
Sywell Aerodrome. All-grass airfield in Northamptonshire. Newly revamped art-deco facilities make it popular for fly-ins. Will host an excellent charity airshow, on Sunday 24th September.
The Met Office - The official UK pre-flight weather site

XCWeather. Originally designed for paragliders, but an excellent, easy to read, UK weather site

Aviation Portals, Discussion groups, etc...

Key Publishing Aviation Forums (GA and Historic aviation)
Professional Pilots Rumour Network
Flyer magazine & Air Portal
PFA Bulletin Board
Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

Information & Photo Sources

GMS Publications - Aviation Bookshop
Aviation Photographs (incl. Luton Minor)

Arthur Fletcher

Damien Burke

Chris Busby

Absolutely tons of useful aviation links
Thirty Thousand Feet - aviation directory
History of the Anzani Engine

Non-Luton Minor Aviation Favourites

Biggles' Biplane. As if a Luton Minor didn't keep me busy enough, this is the story of Matt Boddington and my restoration of a unique WW-1, BE-2c replica.
Nearest thing to a 2-seat Luton? (apart from the Duet of course...) - The Pietenpol Air Camper.

Foster Wickner Wicko. Chronicling Joe Dible's restoration of a unique pre-war touring monoplane. His current project is a Luton Minor! 

Aviation Supplies 

Specialist goggles for open cockpit flying
Leather Flying Jackets, helmets & goggles
Transceiver battery replacements
Buy Yourself a Flying Model Luton Minor !!!!
Aviation sales & jumbles www.the


Non-Aviation Sites

(Thanks to the ever-creative Mike Edwards, former webmaster)
poetpilot website
twomanysongs website